Floor Prep & Concrete Repairs

HTC 270/500 and 800 Floor prep machines: These 99.996% dustless machines which are hooked up to top of the line HEPA dust extraction vacuums and are designed to remove existing coatings and a fine top layer of the concrete surface to ensure a clean substrate for superior adhesion of coatings, or for smoothing rough or rained out concrete leaving no marks and a uniform appearance. These specialty machines can also be used for "concrete polishing" (see decorative concrete section).

Shotblasting: Our ride on shotblaster can remove a multitude of coatings and provide an aggressive profile for traffic membranes or high build coatings.  This shotblast machine can also be outfitted with a diamond head to grind large open areas that are too big for the HTC 800 machine.

Terminator: This ride on floor scraping machine has interchangeable blades and is specially designed for quick and easy removal of tile, carpet, lino, coatings, and floor membranes.

Scarifier: This tough machine is specifically outfitted with carbide cutters and designed for sidewalk repairs (i.e. trip hazards), traffic line removal, coating preparation, creating non-slip surfaces and removal of high spots in concrete.

Commonly Used For: