Polished Concrete and/or Grind & Seal

This environmentally friendly floor option uses the existing concrete substrate to create a luxurious high end, aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable, LEEDS qualifying finished floor by using progressively finer grits of diamonds up to 3000 grit level attached to large floor prep machines (HTC 500/800 - see floor prep).

Grinding to only 80 or 100/200 grit level would require a clear protective sealer to give the concrete surface cleanability and a "faux polish" – we refer to this as "Grind & Seal". This system is also used to enhance and maintain the power trowel look of new concrete(see pic E-6 below). A full polished system will include integral densifiers applied to the surface throughout the grinding process (800/1500/3000 grit) and a stain protection coating applied at final stage.

Stains and dyes can be applied to enhance polished or "Grind & Seal" concrete. Options to enhance the floor aesthetically are: scoring in tile pattern, decorative lines or logos, contrasting borders, customer designs, or glass or coloured stones can be "seeded" into new concrete pours to create a "faux terrazzo" custom designed appearance.

Commonly Used For: