Floor Levelling & Underlayments

Underlayments: Our underlayment system is a gypsum based material that is pumped in and can be applied over wood or concrete to encapsulate infloor heating. It will also decrease noise between areas (rooms or floors) and increase fire protection ratings in single or multi-family dwellings.  This system has superior crack resistance & thermal mass and is designed to provide a perfect base for floor traditional covering products and can withstand point loads up to 2500lbs.  

Floor Levelling & Repair: Floor levelling and repairs can be done using our line of strong cement based toppings designed to go from 3 ½" down to a feather edge. These specialized products can be used for filling duck ponds (low lying areas), re-sloping concrete, or repairs to cracked and broken concrete. A new "wearing" surface can be applied overtop or simply smoothed or levelled in preparation for any type of flooring.

Commonly Used For: